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Sharing motivations

Sunny afternoon, after a relaxed day of sport climbing, we feel tired enough to enjoy a beer; while our table has already few bottles, the conversations starts from the motivation of this beautiful day to end up building thousands of plans, some “dream plans” some closer to our reality.

We meet in this mythical climbers point a group of 3 young, hard and highly motivated climbers that just came back from one of the wildest adventure wall in Catalonia (and in Spain) MONTREBEI; as the new generations do now, they look for long, hard and exposed lines. We enjoy their company, their fresh energy while we plan to meet there next week.

Spring time it’s also an incredibly season for multipitch climbing here in CATALONIA, there’re so many climbers moving from one area to another, linking days, sharing parties…and also now putting up new projects…

The meeting point of Montrebei it’s a perfect meadow where all the climbing community respect the sown pastures, the nature and the wildlife. And just over it rises this 5oo meters of limestone, sometimes compact sometimes a rotten terrain…cracks, holes, chimneys, slaps…We cook there, drink and sleep…and every day it’s a new adventure!!


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