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Treatment for nail narrow

Nail narrow (paroniky) is a fairly common experience for climbers due to the minute space in climbing shoes. Most often the problem is solved with a few days of rest and a foot bath but when that doesn’t help minor surgury might be the solution. I just suffered from the above and went through something called Königs operation (|en&u= Although it looks freaky and seems painful it was really the anaesthesia that hurt the most. The cool thing is that after the operation, which involves removing part of the toenail, the remaining toenail will “move” up and cover some of the space left by the removed part. The remaining section will then heal like any wound and then hopefully the nail will regrow within six-eight months. Because of the ability of this region to heal rapidly, one can actually climb within 4 weeks of the operation and then post-bone further problems for years. So, maybe this is something to think about for those of you that frequently experience nail narrow problems?

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