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Climbing courses

Level 1

For those people who really want to iniciate as a rock climbers in the most amazing climbing areas.

What you will learn
How to move your body in the vertical world…how to view the movements, how to anticipate them…and how to minimize energy while climbing.
To understand all the guide books, pictograms, the different degrees of difficulty and scales and how to find my route.
Belaying with different devices to belay and to make you feel comfortable with them.
How to belay properly. How to climb save and how to come down safe.
Falling and saving falls.

For so many people, the heights are a big challenge. We try to go trough all the basic elements in order to led you focus in your feelings, in your body and just enjoy while climbing.

For this level we’ll learn how to belay and how to use the different devices…but not asking for leading any climbs yet, neither get into more technical maneuvers.

With this course you’ll be able to go out and climb with friends that you trust, belaying them and climbing the routes that you had chosen. We recommend you to climb as a follower, not leading until you’re sure about it.

What you need: Helmet, harness and climbing shoes.

Level 2

For those who already know how to climb, a bit, for those who want to be independent and want to feel sure about all the maneuvers . Just one more step, learning a few more things to let you feel able to climb anywhere with your climbing partner.

This is what you will learn
The belay station maneuvers
To belay and to lead a climb
Multipitch climbing

Knowing the right use of the different devices, the gear you need and learning what you need. We believe that after these days, you’ll be ready for a climbing trip, with your friends, being safe and having a real fun time on your own!

Material required per people : Personal gear, quickraws and rope.