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Montserrat mystical climbing


Another sunny and beautiful morning, its Thursday and we’re enjoying May as a great month for rock climbing…

We decide to meet here as a day of work, we should talk about “climbinspain” , which could be a better place?!!

We hike into a  canyon and follow the old path that takes us into a new secret climbing spot. The canyon, surrounded of an ancient forest composed of oaks, pines and all kind of Mediterranean trees and shrubs, hides incredible conglomerate walls.

The routes are just being build up, and are situated next to an ancient hermitage, we can see the old walls…those walls now are the hut of a young climber who, we believe, looks for the wisdom of the mountain, the silence and the rock…our presence may disturbs this peace… but we all laugh, we share common feelings.

The climbing day passes quite and incredibly peacefully for being in this side of the mountain, normally crowded of sport climbers and some hiker. This is like a secret valley inside the well-known Montserrat south face area.

If you have never climbed in Montserrat, you can understand what kind of movements you should do over the tiny rolling stones that form the conglomerate rock. Feels like an slow dancing over small creeps, patience, balance…

While the birds sang loud in the small canyon, the atmosphere seemed mystical, the vertical slabs required all our attention…while, and the lights were getting blue…

We could feel the spirit of our loved mountain, Montserrat!!

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