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Cold days…

Hey! This last week and current days have been very cold. We had to handle with snow, wind and very low temperatures in order to climb. Luckily, most of the walls are south faced and dressed with our coats, gloves, hats and with some hot tea in our thermal bottles, we managed to climb.

Some catalan blogs show us pictures of Totxo Sílfides in a hard to see snowed Montserrat, working some 8a and 8b. Some other, show us pictures of the snowstorm in Cornudella del Montsant. The last and funniest one, is a friend of mine that went to Siurana and his van got fully covered by the snow (here, here, and here).

Fortunately, next week the sun will shine again and all the climbing fanatics like us will go climbing in our warm rock. Have fun and don’t get a cold 😉

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