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Hard sends in Catalonia!

Paco working Falconetti, 8b+
Paco Rey working Falconetti, 8b+, in Montsant. He managed to send it in May, just before the summer heat.

It’s the time of the year when the weather for the big sends have arrived here in Catalonia, north-east Spain. It is fun to see all the web sites starting to report one amazing tick after another. Just a few of the reports that I have seen from “our” crags:

Björn at The Low Down reports that 8c+ is the number of the day:

  • Jon Cardwell has done two of them is the Sta. Linya cave, Fabelita and Blomu.
  • Joe Kinder, who’s left the Gorge, is now hanging out in Terradets, where he made super quick work of Essencia de la resistancia, needing only four goes in total, three this year and one last year. Joe seems to like his stay here as well, visiting Terrades and now off to Santa Linya.
  • In the same area, Tino Lois, who’s had a very good late summer and fall, did La leccion.

He also reports that some French kids have been hard at work in Margalef.

Daila Ojeda reports that she has sent her first 7c+ on-sight, also in Margalef. She also writes that her and her boyfriend, Chris Sharma, now are done working with their house and that he celebrated by sending another (hard) 9a in Santa Linya.

(On a personal side I celebrated this new cold season by doing my first 7a on-sight. In Margalef like everyone else… :))

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