Yesterday, Iker Pou did the first repeat of Víctimas Perez. A 9a route at the Racó de les finestres, Margalef.
It was first ascended by Ramonet and was bolted by Chris Sharma and also Dani Andrada and Oscar Jimenez.

The bad thing is Iker was bolting a new route and someone has stolen the carabiners and the fixed rope hanging down. Is not the first case of thieves in Margalef. Some months ago, someone stole Daila Ojeda’s quickdraws of a route she was trying.

Please, if you see bad behaviors, try to talk to them or notice the people of Can Severet refuge. With this behaviors, Margalef’s future is hanging by a thread. Respect the people and respect the environment.

Source: Andoni Perez