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Bouldering in Castillo de Bayuela

CRIMPER!!! from javipec on Vimeo.

Check out this cool bouldering video from the granite area of Castillo de Bayuela!

Carles de Diego Boguñá, a local boulderer, sent us the following information:

The place is Castillo de Bayuela in Toledo, close to Toledo city (60 Km) or 100 km west of Madrid. People from Madrid and Toledo are developing the area and there are more than 10 boulder problems of 8A and upper. With two already famous 8B+ sent by Nacho Sánchez past year 2010 (easy to find videos in internet)

In this video, from my friend Javi Pec you can see 14-15 boulder problems (I don’t remember exactly) from 7A ( a couple) to 8A (a couple too).

About topos, everything is hand made, we are trying, with the most active workers in the area, to perform some kind of guide. Maybe next week I will get topos of all the areas and I will try to scan.

With regard to lodging, there are many Casas Rurales in the village and the neighbour village in La Sierra de San Vicente, 3 villages: Castillo de Bayuela, el Real de San Vicente and Hinojosa de San Vicente, more than 8 areas (smalls and bigs).

My friends area planing to throw a guide but they don’t know yet how and when.

Interested in climbing there? Don’t hesitate contacting Carles (who speaks great English) through his blog Climbing with Dr. Sputnik.

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