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New bouldering movie from Spain

We’ve written a little about the bouldering we have here in Catalonia in the north east of Spain. Shown some photos. Trying to get our friends from abroad to come here to boulder with us. Then out of nowhere “Outside – the bouldering movie” shows up featuring some of the coolest bouldering areas in Catalonia! La Comarca, Savassona, The Quarry, Fussimanya, Vilajuiga and Targassone are all fairly close together and all featured in the movie. Besides these areas internationally famous once are also visited: Orlu, Brione, Cresciano, Chironico, Magic Wood and Sant Gottard.

The best thing about the movie, besides the good climbing and nice footage in HD-quality? It’s a free download! Head over to their website, click Download and wait a few minutes. Well, 700 MB normally takes a little time to download.

UPDATE 2010-02-18: The movie can now be found on Vimeo:

If you want to try out the Catalonian bouldering areas featured in the movie, Can Janot is a good place to stay at.

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  1. Ferran Guerrero Hervas says

    Thanks for publication.

    Ferran Guerrero

  2. Pär says

    Ferran, thanks for the movie! I’m psyched to go back to Savassona soon, I’ll give you a call when I’m there!

  3. Ferran Guerrero says

    The new address for Download the movie is.

  4. Pär says

    Gracias otra vez Ferran!

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