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Week 8 – destroyed

A week of ups and downs. Slept well and could relax at the beginning of the week so the Tuesday session turned out really well. Then helped the neighbor with the olive harvest and did a lot of forest work to collect firewood. Combining this with Thursdays two climbing sessions made me mentally and physically dead. Also hurt a finger a little bit. This was also the last week of the 7-week schedule that David works with. So for the weekend I decided to take time off from climbing and instead put in a little extra effort with the 15 clients we have biking from the mountains down to the coast. Then next week will be 100% on rock, hopefully with some excellent long routes in Terradets as well as sport climbing with Swedish friends.

Tuesday – 150 move warm-up, then 3x3x7mB1/2/4 (3 boulders, 3 tries, 7 moves/2 minutes rest between tries/4 minutes between boulders). David did the boulders and screamed a little at us = high quality training with great problems. Then 4×45 move route. Didn’t make a route, instead started on the 35 degree wall and ended on the 30 degree wall. First time EVER I felt I could shake out on the big holds on the 30 degree wall and get fresh, this after almost two hours of training! Also set a new HIGH record of weight… 88,5 kg. Well, had spent the day working in the forest and eating a lot.

Thursday morning – Headed to El Castell in Montserrat for a quick session. Tried warming up on a crappy and dirty 6a+, went down after second bolt. Then changed to a really good and steep 6b. Got pumped, really bad for warm up. Then tried a classic 7a. Low motivation to suffer the painful pockets of the start so changed route again. Finally could do this amazingly nice 6b, slightly overhanging on perfect pockets. Did the route twice, then headed to Catalan classes.

Thursday evening – Went to McPlaf despite climbing outdoors the same morning. Had the same type of indoor sessions that I used to have in Sweden – completely shitty with no structure at all. Also hurt a finger when trying a harder boulder without warming up. Went home, realized I could need some days of rest before climbing again… Weight back to 87,3 kg, good.

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