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Week 7 – trying harder

Monday morning and my forearms are dead. The mistake (from a climbing perspective) of the week was to go and play beach volleyball and enjoy a last day of the sand and sun before the winter. Thursdays training was hard and not having a proper rest day before the weekend took away any chance of being able to send anything at all.

Tuesday – Warmed up with 150 moves, then 3x3x5mB1/2/4 (3 boulders, 3 tries, 5 moves, 2 minutes rest between tries, 4 minutes between boulders). Extremely bad start, very stressed all day is not a good warm up… Finally got going for the 9x40mRL. Went very well, could combine some old fairly hard boulders with pure endurance. After 7 of the 9 circles my skin gave up and I had to do the last 2 circles on the kids wall (10 degree overhanging).

Thursday – Really good feeling climbing today! Rested well, had a light meal 2 hours before training, warmed up with 150 moves, just perfect. Then 2x3x10B2/3/5 with Aleix. I did the boulders so I of course choose some slopers and long moves… Then 3x4x18mRC/4/8. Hard to find good “routes” but we did OK. The first one was really hard, I could send it only once out of 4 tries. Brutal, I wonder when I will do these type of moves outside? In total: excellent climbing session!

Saturday – Found myself once again at Odio Africano (7a+). Got the draws up and worked out the moves (again) on the start. Finally managed to give it two goes on toprope before once again hiking down in the dark. FINALLY it felt doable! Just have to get the feet perfectly right and work a little more on two-finger pockets.

Sunday – Guided Said Belhaj (read interview) to Montserrat. “Warmed up” on 6c+ on top rope (with hangs), then tried a 7a+ on top-rope. Cool route! Then off to another sector where Said on-sighted two 8a and one 8a+… I once again toproped (yes, a lot of toproping today) a hard 7a that I really like. Will have to work out the last moves but then I’ll send it. VERY tired, 4th day on makes me weak.

The plan for this week is to train Tuesday, climb outside on Thursday, indoors on Saturday. Then I work 4 days straight with clients, maybe I have time for a session in Savassona but probably not more than that.

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