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Week 3 – More endurance

Aleix below the wall3rd week of training has come to and end and I’m very tired. Great feeling! If I just had my old office job waiting for me tomorrow morning… ahh, a cup of coffee and a day of hours reading up on what friends from around the world has climbing during the weekend. Well, not happening, now when I have my own company tomorrow will be as busy as always, these where the first three days away from “the office” in a long while. Oh, what a great feeling being outside a couple of nights again AND trying out my new camping-prepared minivan..!

Tuesday, 600 moves at McPlaf. Felt good! Skin held up more or less OK.

Friday, sport climbing at Tres Ponts. Had a bad day, tired and high expections = bad combination. Well, got a good workout trying a long and (for me) steep 7a+. Then started raining, then got to try again. A project for the spring? Not my favourite crag, I’m really spoiled not having to climb on polished routes. Tres Ponts is not close to being as polished as Rodellar but a lot more than where we normally go. With the high humidity/rain I felt I took all the holds at 100% and my feet where about to pop on each move. Oh, and most important, compared to my fanatic friends Julia and Pau, I’m not strong enough for this crag… 🙂

Saturday, two long routes at Pared Bùcolica. Totally 375 meters of climbing. Cold air but strong sun left a blond Swedish guy fried. The walk down (twice) was fairly tireing… I love these long, beautiful limestone routes! This winter: Àger, Terradets and of course (many visits) to Vilanova de Maia!

Sunday, sport climbing in Tres Ponts. Had to hide from the sun so we found ourselfs again at Tres Ponts. Fried from the last couple of days climbing I had no expectaions for today. Of course this is the key to a good feeling! Warmed up and then did a roof-6b+ twice, toproped a 7a tufa twice (will send if rested) and then cleaned a very cool 6b. I will need a days rest now… My forearms and my calf muscles are dead.

Final words
Many meters of climbing this week! These 3 days of limestone climbing in the fantastic Alt Urgell-region close to France where great. So much climbing up there! When it’s a little colder it is time for another visit up there. On top of my list is a visit to Oliana (to see…) and another try on the fantastic three pitch route Tos de Gos at Perles! The best limestone I’ve ever climbed on – what a route. The two routes Saturday was the highlight of the weekend, I need my multi-pitch climbing.

On Tuesday it is back o the gym and time for the actual start of the training with David. I really look forward to it!

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  1. pau says

    Take a patience, i remember my first two months mixing climbing and training ….. bufff i didn’t anything in a “roca”. Your body need to learn, but the most important is know you can do that. The best feelings is more close that you think ….My humil experience.

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