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Calders – short and steep

If you stay in Barcelona and want to climb really steep limestone the best (or only?) option is Calders. Next to the little village there are about a 100 steep and hard routes mainly in the 6c to 8b range. There are easier climbs but I suspect the best routes are 7c or harder. The rock quality on the overhangs are generally not the best but I’ve climbed a lot worse. The top, slabby part has bomber limestone. The routes are generally perfectly bolted but I think the idea is that you’re supposed to bring a clip stick. Given the short and bouldery characteristics of the climbing it’s a good idea to have the draws up before you start climbing.

This is not an area that you travel from far away to spend a vacation at. If you like steep you go to Rodellar or Margalef. No, this is a perfect place to go a warm summer evening to train if you happen to spend time in the area. Nevertheless I like the climbing and the surrounding area is truly beautiful.

The excellent photographer Miquel (jandiro) has some good photos from Calders. Check them out on Flickr.

You can find topos in the bar Raco de Pau by in the village. Some of the topos have been improved by the legendary topo-collector Fernando and can be found on Picasa:

Topo – introduction
Topo 1
Topo 2
Topo 3
Topo 4


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