Les Saleretes: small and peaceful spot, perfect for cold winter days

Climbing at Les Saleretes These days in Catalonia are cold and dry, we barely reach temperatures above 5 degrees, but skies are mostly clear and the wind is just a gentle breeze. This gives us perfect conditions for climbing in sunny south facing sectors. A good example is Les Saleretes, a small and peaceful spot in the [...]

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Climbing Summer

Summer is hot here in Catalonia, but our beloved Montserrat has always something good to offer. The North face is a good option for hot summer days. You can choose among a good number of small sport climbing sectors. The most are in shade in the afternoon or in the morning, but you also have [...]

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Back to Catalonia

Ok... that was our winter time...and it's over... :) Now we are back to Catalonia, to the mild weather and to climbing! For the last two months we have been enjoying Montserrat: the climbing paradise in our backyard. And since November we are receiving friends non-stop from all over the world. As we are based [...]

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Seeking winter

Living in Catalonia is almost forget what winter is, you get used to see the sun and the blue sky every day, you just sell all your merino underwear, give away your fur hat and gloves, never put on those trendy fur boots you buy during your last trip to Milan... But, wtf?! Winter has its [...]

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Restday in Siurana

Camping out in the wine district of Priorat Climbing in the province of Tarragona, home to Siurana, Montsant and Margalef, can be more than intense. So why not mix up the hard climbing with some great cultural experiences? And when the culture we're talking about is wine - who can resist! Maybe you didn't know [...]

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Climbing in Gorge du Tarn

Gorges du Tarn is undoubtedly one of the finest sport climbing destinations in France. The river Tarn has eroded the Causse Méjean and Causse de Sauveterre limestone plateaus into a number of steep canyons. In summer, the river is full of vacationing continentals floating downstream in rented kayaks, and on the slopes of the valley [...]

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First spring day: throwback to a climbing winter

These last months were a fun climbing season, travelling up and down through Catalonia, meeting new people, consolidating old friendships, enjoying life outdoors, good food, good company and good climbing conditions. This is my personal photographic homage to the past winter. Hope to have an even better one next year! November, 22nd, 2014 - Climbing at [...]

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Snowy Montserrat

It is a not very usual sight, but this year we have got it! So we want to share this spectacular and rare view with you. February 2015: big snowfall in Catalonia. And Montserrat looks like that...      

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Join our Spanish Climbing Road Trip!

On the Road In collaboration with rockbusters The Spanish Road Trip has already become a classic for rockbusters people — every year at springtime they offer you the great opportunity to get to know the best crags on an exciting trip on the road. You'll get in touch with real Spanish climbing lifestyle, enjoy the best [...]

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Alquézar – another perfect winter destination

Alquezar, the Village Alquézar is an ancient Arabic fortress, located in the province of Huesca in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Like Rodellar, a windy 45 minute drive away, it lies within the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Reserve. Suffice to say that this climbing area has a rich cultural heritage on a [...]

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