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We are currently working on finding the best accommodations closest to the major climbing areas. One way you can help us is simply asking us: Where should I stay if I want to climb at (insert your favorite climbing area here)? If you see that we have a lodging in an area but it doesn’t quite fit your needs, let us know what are your needs and we will be happy to look for just the perfect lodging for you!

How does it work?
Pär, the co-founder of Climb in Spain, runs a travel agency called Active Spain ( All the houses and hotels that you can book through this web site is done through the company Hyper Active Spain S.L. We have CIF-number so just let us know and we specify the VAT for the lodging if you book for a company.

Contact us
Pär Lindholm
Photo of Pär
+34 649 10 51 41 (Swedish/English/Spanish)