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Siurana & Costa Daurada

Where to stay
In the heart of the Siurana/Costa Daurada-area lies Cornudella de Montsant, the little village that during the last 15 years has transformed from a sleepy farm-village to a… well, still fairly sleepy farm village with a fair amount of climbers visiting every fall and spring. The climbing surrounding the village is nothing short of world class: Siurana, Montsant, Margalef, Arboli, Mont-Ral, La Mussara and more. Thousands and thousands of sport climbs can be reached within an hour from here. We offer these accommodations in Cornudella:

Studio Cornudella
Apartment Cornudella

If your main interest is to climb in Margalef, then make sure to find your lodging there. The drive from Cornudella is hard on both the car and your head. Our options:

Hotel Els Tres Pins

There are guidebooks for all the major crags inte the Siurana-area.

Siurana (2009) – can be bought in the refugio in the village of Siurana
Montsant (2009) – will be sold in our shop
Margalef (2009) – will be sold in our shop
Arboli (2002)
Mont-Ral y La Mussara (2001)

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