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Videos from Spain and Catalonia

Screenshot from Chris Sharma: The Legacy Continues by the PranaCollective

Are you planning your next climbing trip and you are not sure about the destination? You don’t know if Spain and Catalonia will cover your expectations? Here you’ve got some audiovisual references where you can see the type of routes and climbing you can find in this beautiful country:

Dosage V
This is the season 07-08 movie from Big up productions, considered the best climbing movies producer of the world. In this movie you can find two chapters related to Spain. First of all, an incredible chapter called “A muerte” (“to Death”, really typical sentence to encourage the climber in his/her rotpunkt attempt).  This is the first time we can see Chris Sharma speaking about how good Catalunya is to come climbing, and that he has found a place to stay and settle down for a while.
Which spots can you find in this chapter?  You can see images of Crhis trying his 9b project he recently rotpunked, Neandertal, in Santa Linya Cave, or the other 9b project he did before this one, Golpe Estado, also 9b in El Pati, Siurana. There is also footage of Daila in Santa Linya, Patxi Usobiaga in Margalef, Dani Andrada in Rodellar…
Trailer on YouTube

But that’s not all in this movie! There is also another small chapter of a group of American climbers going to Albarracin for some bouldering. Short chapter but with a lot of action for the boulder freaks, you can enjoy the incredible orange rock from Albarracin, and see the kind of climbing you can find there:  nice roofs with mantle exits. There is also a nice graphic anecdote of the Amercians trying one of the most typical dishes of Catalonia, the “rovellons”, a kind of mushrooms.
Preview of Albarracin chapter on Vimeo

The next movie from big up after Dosage V, is the confirmation of Chris Sharma about his new live in our small climbing paradise.  There is one sentence which resumes one of the main pros of the climbing here, as he says that “(from LLeida), in less than 2 hour drive, you can find 15 world class sport climbing crags: Margalef, Siurana, Oliana, Santa Linya, Rodellar, Montsant, …”
In my opinion, if you are not sure about coming or not to Spain for climbing, after watching this movie you’ll be for sure. You just have to take a look to the amazing footage of Adam Ondra in Papichulo (9a+), in Oliana, with an amazing camera travelling following Adam from the bottom till the top of the route.  Or you want to see the type of climbing you can find in Margalef? Look at Sharma’s rotpunk of Demencia Senil (9a+), or his tries to First Round, first minute (9b) and you’ll be amazed with the steep and athletic climbing he performs, with a lot of bifinger and tufa-pulling. There is also some more footage of Adam in Gancho perfecto (9a), another nice climb in Margalef.
Trailer on Vimeo
Chris on Pachamama from BigUp

The Fanatic Search
Maybe the less spectacular movie of all you can find here, but for sure the one you’ll find more information about climbing in Spain. This movie, done by Laurent Triay a couple of years ago, follows one of the most famous Spanish climbers, Dani Andrada.
The has a 20 minutes clip of piscobloc in Mallorca, and then starts with Dani’s life. It’s quite interesting, first because you can hear and feel the thoughts of one of the best climbers in the world, and secondly because there is a lot (almost one hour and a half!) of footage of Spain, with plenty of really curious images.
Just to make a quick resume of what you’ll find in this movie: plenty of footage from el Pati in Siurana, like Chris and Dani bolting and trying Golpe estado, Mariona Marti doing Kale Borroka, an incredible 8a+ crack, or Adam Ondra doing “la Rambla”, 9a+ under the look of one the repeaters, Edu Marin.
But not only Siurana! In this movie you’ll find boulder in el Cogul, stunning (one of my favourites parts) routes in el Racó de Missa, el Montsant, a lot of footage of Dani in his project in “la cueva de Ali Baba” in Rodellar, some intimidating lines in el balcó de l’ermita in Margalef and a lot more!
Definitely not the best imagequality movies but one with a lot of information!
Trailer on YouTube

King Lines and Cedar Wright videoblog
Are you attracted to this “new discipline” called psicobloc? Here you can find a couple of references that we’ll make you sure (or not!) you want to try this. King lines is the videobiography of Chris Sharma, where we can find plenty of footage of him trying Es Pontàs, his supposed 9b project in “the Arch”. But not only that, a bit in the movie but a lot more in the extras, we can find more footage of Mallorca, like some spectacular footage in “la cova del diable” or other well-known crags of this new wet variation of sport climbing.
The world famous Yosemite climber Cedar Wright has also been visiting Mallorca and trying the psicobloc experience, and what is good for us, he has been taking really good footage in HD quality, and posting it in his videoblog. There you’ll find plenty of images of Mallorca, like the incredible flights without engine from Alex Honnold trying “two smoking barrels”, the 8a+ route created by Klem Loskot some years ago.

King Lines Trailer
Vertical Carnival – Cedar Wright’s blog

and last but not least, the never ending resource of youtube. There is one “company” which uses youtube as a way of posting his own productions, called blockdigital. In their channel you’ll find videos of bouldering in Lleida, sport climbing in Montserrat (one of the best places in the country that you won’t find in the other videos), some routes in Racó de Missa… a bit of everything! really nice channel to fill this boring empty hours in your jobs!
BlockDigital on YouTube

We are pretty sure all of you know how to get this videos, but we can give you 3 ideas:
The first option is to bought directly to the main climbing movie company,
Another option which works really good (I’ve bought some of my movies in this webpage) is, which is really worth it if you are going to buy more than one movie., the webpage of the producer of “The fanatic search”
That’s all, I just hope if you were hesitating about coming or not to our country, now you are 100% sure about it!

BONUS! Don’t miss Chris Sharma trying and sending some hard routes in this video. Make sure not to miss the end of the video, after the credits… And, make sure you don’t miss excellent bouldering movie Outside that we wrote about a while back.

Do you know more good videos with climbing from Spain? Share it with a comment!

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