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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is included in a course?
Great lodging, transport, guide and a lot of fun!

What is not included in a course?
If you arrive earlier or later than the date when the course starts and want to get picked up in Barcelona, we will charge you a nominal fee for this.

You are covered for costs of up to 12000 euro by our insurance but we highly recommend that you have your own private insurance that covers climbing. In some countires this is covered by your home insurance, in other the best and cheapeast way is to become a member of your local climbing club. The best international way of getting a good insurance seems to be the Austrian Alpine Club.

How good do I have to be for level 1?
If you have tried climbing indoors a couple of times and enjoy it you have all the skills required!

How good do I have to be for level 2?
If you have climbed a little and have taken an introductory course, this course is for you.

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